Events & Run Times

The Hitchin running calendar is updated on a regular basis so check back regularly.  The club run twice a week from the Rugby Club on Old Hale Way.  You can also subscribe to the calendar to get updated event details.

The first few runs are free as you get a feel for the club but then you can pay per running session or pay a yearly subscription.  We don’t make a profit and all the money is put back into the club to fund socials, affiliation and membership.

Tuesday Beginner Running

This is a beginner run in the parkrun vein.  It will run around Walsworth Common in Hitchin.  Starting at 6.30 by the playground.  This is for all ages and is for those who want to keep fit or have a social run.  This is run by North Herts and it is important to contact them before turning up.

Wednesday Run Times

Starts at 6.30 from the Rugby for those new to the club and want to give it a go this run is the ideal start.  Aimed at those who can run around 5km in 30 mins.  This then leads in to the main run at 7pm.  You could do both using this one as a warm up.

Starting at the Rugby club at 7pm these runs tend to be over a distance of 8-10km.  If you can run a 10km in around 60 mins this run will be good for you.  We tend to run round town in the winter and the local countryside in the summer.  Once a month we will do interval training on flats and hills alternated.


Sunday Run Times

Starts at 9am with a social run around the local town, very much depends on who turns up for the pace but variable. If you can run 10km in around 60mins then this run will be fine for you.

At 10am we run a further 10km at a 50min pace. If you are faster don’t worry we have people who tend to run ahead and loop back every few KM’s. Once a month we run from the town centre starting at 9am.

Throughout the year we will run a variety of other runs both in competitions and with other running clubs such as the Spartans in Stevenage.

Other Races

We also look to hold a number of running events each year.  Keep an eye out on the news section for more details.


More Information

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6:30 pm Running Club Fitness Session @ Hitchin Rugby Club
Running Club Fitness Session @ Hitchin Rugby Club
Jun 26 @ 6:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Fitness session with games, activities and running to build stamina and keep fit.  Aimed at those not yet confident of taking on a full 7pm 10km run.
7:00 pm Running Club Wednesday Run @ Hitchin Rugby Club
Running Club Wednesday Run @ Hitchin Rugby Club
Jun 26 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
In the winter this is a run around town, usually covering anywhere between 8 and 10km.  It is for a variety of running abilities but aimed at those who can run under 60 mins for a 10km.