Hitchin 10km Race Overview

hitchin 10km road race

This race has been postponed due to Covid-19. The race will now be run on May 23rd 2021 30th May. You can still enter

The Hitchin 10km race is a flat race round the historic town and local roads. The course profile is classified as flat and mildly undulating in places, with only a couple of small inclines. The total climb is approx. 45 meters, so this works out as an average of 4.5 meters of climb for each kilometre.

The route itself is a beautiful one. It will start in right next to the town centre, with the first mile (the north loop) being on closed roads that go anti-clockwise around town, before heading out towards the Gosmore and Charlton villages to complete a clockwise south loop, before heading back into Hitchin, completing another 1 mile loop that you started on, and then that all famous Town Centre finish.

You can enter the race here, which costs £16