Hitchin 10km


Hello and welcome to The Hitchin 10km.

This race is taking place on Sunday 19th May and with a race start time of 9am.

The route is an accurate, almost all road course, with some sections on footpaths. The route has been measured and certified by as accurate to 10,000 meters, or better known as 10km!

Chip timing

The event is chip timed for accurate timing as we appreciate that we all like to know what we got when we cross the start line to the end.

Race rules for placings

The race rules for this event are for gun time to the finish line, so if you are in line for a prize for winning, making the podium or as an age group winner, then this is determined on your gun time, NOT your chip time, as technically it is still a race. In other words if you think you could be a contender then do not start at the back!

Race Start
Race Start

Road closures

The event itself will have partial road closures, with the main ones at the start and at particular junctions and crossing and a long stretch in the middle, all closed. The only open roads are certain country roads that will be quiet but well signed and marshalled for your safety. We want you to know that you can run without the worry of traffic being on your mind. If you come to any junctions that have blind corners when turning, do not worry, the road is closed, you are on a path or it will be made safe to run.

Remember though, we cannot guarantee that any event is risk free from variables. Even closed roads have the potential for pedestrians, cyclists and emergency vehicles, so regardless, of where you are, always be vigilant.

The route

The route itself is a beautiful one. It will start in right next to the town centre, with the first few hundred meters going around Hitchin’s historic and iconic market square, before heading out towards Gosmore and Charlton villages, then into St. Ippolyts, before heading back into Hitchin for that all famous Town Centre finish.

Hitchin 10km Route 2019
Hitchin 10km Route 2019

The route profile

The course profile is classified as flat and mildly undulating in places, with only a couple of small inclines. The total climbing you can expect is the same as another local 10km event, The Standalone 10km. We have tried our utmost to make it as flat as possible so there is none heading out and up the local well-known hills!


There will be a water station approximately at the half way stage, just after the 5km mark. Here you can get a cup of water. If you do, please dispose your cup to a bin marshal who will be further down from the water station. This helps to keep the area tidy and keeps us on board with the local residents, who we want out supporting you all, not picking up litter!

How much

The race itself is £20 to enter. We think that this is very good value for money based on the costs that are involved with staging events that involve road closures and other systems that we put in place such as race infrastructure and hire costs for when it comes to hiring and hosting events. For your entry money, we make sure that you get value for money. This includes a race t-shirt and medal and chip timing.


Everyone who enters the race will get a T-shirt and medal. These will be given out at the end of the race from within the race compound that you will end up in once you finish and remove your race-timing chip.

Trophies and prizes will be given to those who make podium placements for both male and female categories and age group winners for both male and female too. Those who finish on the podium will get overall positional prizes and not the age group trophies, an example being if the race winner for men was in his 40’s, then the first placed male in the 40’s age category would then go to the second overall person. In the event that everyone on the podium happened, to be in his or her 40’s then the fourth placed male or female in his or her 40’s would be the age category winner! We hope you followed that!

Registration and Race packs the day before

You can pick up your race packs the day before the event, so that you can avoid the early morning rush. This place will be announced closer the time and will be in Hitchin, with the times to be announced closer the time too once the location has been chosen. We want make sure that we choose a location where you can come to and park easily too.

Race day tips

On the day itself, it would be advisable to arrive with plenty of time to spare so that you can park and do the things you need to do, even if you have picked up your race pack the day before. The start line is a couple of minutes away from the town centre so make sure that you allow for this. Make sure that if it is a going to be a hot day, that you hydrate well, even in cooler conditions make sure that you are hydrated well and have consumed some form of energy to make sure that you do not have a sugar crash out on the course!

The town centre market square is the focus area to congregate and meet for registration and race packs etc, but, other areas nearby will be highlighted, such as where to go to drop off bags, toilets, changing etc.


Hitchin has a few car parks to choose from that are all nearby. This link will provide a map of them all for you. http://www.hitchinherts.com/map-parking

Race day registration and race packs

On the day, you can collect your race packs from 7:30am to 8:50am, although if you leave it too late you may end up missing the start. It is strongly advised to collect your race packs the day before the event to ensure that you will not be late (unless you forget to set your alarm!)


Their are many places that have public toilets and some coffee shops will be open, as well as the local gym that will be the bag drop area. From the town centre, there are the toilets down the Arcade, the toilet block by the open-air market/St. Mary’s car park; Starbucks will be open, as well as Xchange Fitness (bag drop)

Bag drops and changing facilities

We will have a gazebo up in the town centre for bag drops. Xchange Fitness will provide a place to change and use the toilets if you need to. Make sure you identify yourself as a runner so they know whom you are.

The gym also offers many hot drinks and snacks if you desire them. If anything changes regarding locations we will notify you closer the time. They are located across the main road, 2 minutes’ walk away from the market square.

When you finish

Upon crossing the finish line you will need to remove your chip and head towards the locations where you can collect your race t-shirt and medal and then you can get some much-needed water too. Once you have done so, please clear the finish zone so that it does not become crowded and that those behind you can make it out alive!

Supporting the race

If you are coming to watch then that is fantastic. As with all races, all those that take part really love to hear the crowd whipping up a frenzy of support for those they have come to watch. The only things we ask of you is to not get in the way of any runners on any parts of the course so that the runners can run without being obstructed. High fives are most welcome!

Marshals and volunteers

We are always in need of people to make these events happen. If you know of someone who is able and willing to help out then please put them in touch with us as we are always in need of people to help. It has been said a million times but without the help of those that do, events simply would not happen. All those that help get a race t-shirt (we must know sizes at least two weeks before the race as they have to be ordered) and they also get a snack pack to take with them, as well as maps and instructions on what to do. They can contact us at jakeamostri@gmail.com or telephone Jake on 07963 520747.

Frequently asked questions

If you have a question that you would like an answer for then please contact us at jakeamostri@gmail.com and we will get back to you ASAP. As you may appreciate, a million things can be asked so it would be easier for you to ask us directly! We hope that we have covered many things on here already. Other things that may crop up. No running with dogs. No headphones at all as not all roads are fully closed and your safety to hear your surroundings is more important. We will have a waiting list if the race sells out. You can transfer places no less than one week before race day. Race day entries may happen but no guarantee of a t-shirt or medal. No running with buggies. No wheelchairs (we apologise; the course is not reasonably practicable). Cut off time is 2 hours after the start of the race. It is strongly suggested that you do some training prior to the event!

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To enter click this link.

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