Parkruns Near Hitchin

There isn’t a parkrun in Hitchin yet, mainly thanks to North Herts Council who have supported the funding of an event but not the use of their lands. While the hunt continues there are many other parkruns in the area which are well worth a Saturday morning trip.

parkrun is a series of 5k runs held on Saturday mornings at 9am in areas of open space around the UK. They are open to all, free, and are safe and easy to take part in. If you’re aged between 4 and 14, you may also be interested in the junior parkrun events. Once registered you get a barcode which you take to each event.  This allows you to record a time which is sent to your phone or published on the website shortly after the run.  

The runs however are less about the time and more about the social nature.  Runs tend to serve coffee and tea after or be located near a cafe where runners can meet up and talk about the event.  It is also less about the race and more about individual health getting people out and about and in their local park.

Local runs include

There is a kid’s parkrun in Hitchin

You can register for a parkrun here