• Please submit your entries between midday Sunday and midday Monday each week
  • Please enter your name as it appears on the District list firstname and surname
  • 5k pace is the average km pace over a 5k distance, NOT the time taken
  • Enter the time with minutes and seconds separated by a colon, not a comma, a full stop, a smiley or a “funny” comment
  • Number of days run this week is to a maximum of seven, there are only seven days in a week
  • The longest run this week is to be entered in whole kilometres rounded as you see fit without km at the end or other “amusing” comments
  • For the dinosaurs multiply miles by 1.60934 to get km
  • Highest elevation is for a single run and is to be recorded in metres, not feet, inches, hands, cubits or baked beans (one for the taskmaster fans out there)
  • For the dinosaurs multiply feet by 0.3048 to get metres
  • Please do not submit more than once
  • Only runs of 5k or more are eligible
  • Please don’t try to break all the submission rules because you think that’s funny, it’s not
  • Please be honest



  • Don’t drive anywhere just to do your run
  • Don’t go out for unreasonable lengths of time
  • Don’t do repeated laps in densely populated areas
  • Don’t try to play the system by taking 59 second breaks in the middle of a 5k or choosing an entirely downhill route just to beat everyone else
  • Remember it’s just a game and supposed to be fun for everyone


  • Don’t worry
  • Be happy

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