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January, HItchin Triathlon Now Live

You can now enter for the Hitchin Triathlon, enter here.

September, Hitchin Town Centre Run, Results

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Hitchin Town Centre 5km today! 
Results now online:

September, Hitchin Town Centre Run, Final Update

Just a quick update to pass on the participant list to you all (please forward to those not on the email list that may have entered).

This list will be on the table at Registration for you all to see but you can get ahead of the game and tell them your number when you get to the table. We will have a few people there to help with your packs that contain your race number and race timing chip. You can tie the chip on your laces or we can provide a small cable tie for it, but, remember to REMOVE the chip once you have finished! Unreturned chips cost money!  

Registration will be in the RED gazebo, as there will be a few stalls and gazebos up on the day as there is also a cycle event taking place and they too will have gazebos up. It will be a very busy morning but it will be fun.

We plan to put ours near Starbucks but the square is not too big so you should all be fine!

We spoke to Starbucks yesterday and they are happy for their toilets to be used (in return for a nice shout out and that they also open at 7:30am for tea and coffee!) but there are also public toilets close by, such as the open air market square there is a toilet block (1 minute jog from the market square) and also another in the alley that runs off the market square (30 second jog!).

Some things of note to make you aware of:

  • The start line has moved forward to the outside Gatward’s shop, instead of the High Street.
  • As above, this is because we have taken out the corners from Simmons bakery, so instead of negotiating a few tight corners around this section, there is the one corner at M & S instead. This makes it safer, especially for the amount of runners, and a bit faster for you too 🙂  
  • There is scaffolding up on the corner of Hermitage Road and Bancroft. The poles have bright yellow sponge on them. We will wrap them in barrier tape too to create a funnel effect. There will be 2 marshals also for safety. When you turn left at this point the marshals will ask you to do it in single file. This will only be for about 3 meters but it’s too tight for side by side running or overtaking. This is obviously not our doing but we will do everything possible to make it a smooth aspect.

On the day itself if you have any questions at all please come and look for me (Jake). I will be the chap in the hi-viz jacket (Race Director) in the middle of the square looking anxious and confused 🙂

Don’t forget if you need to email me before them please do so at as I have more access to this account remotely.

On the day itself we cannot answer any emails.

Have a great race and we will see you Sunday morning!

Hitchin Town Centre 5K

ABROOK, Melanie 1 ALB-1 FV35 Unattached

ADAMS, Amanda 2 ALB-2 FV45 Hitchin Running Club

ADAMS, Victoria 3 AEX-81 FS Unattached

AIRD, Linda 4 ALB-4 FV55 North Herts Road Runners

ALEXANDER, Adele 5 ALB-5 FV45 Unattached

ALEXANDER, Ariadne 6 ALB-6 GU13 Unattached

ALEXANDER, Roddi 7 ALB-7 BU13 Unattached

ALEXANDER, Scott 8 ALB-8 MV40 Unattached

ALEXANDROU, Aristos 9 ALB-9 MS Unattached

ALLAKER, 10 ALB-10 MS Unattached

ALTHAM, Dee 11 AEX-92 FV45 Unattached

AMOS, Ben 12 ALB-12 MS Unattached

AMOS, Nicola 13 ALB-13 FV35 Hitchin Running Club

AMOSS, Chris 14 ALB-14 MS Unattached

ANDERSON, Bradley 15 ALB-15 MS Welshy, Frenchy, Boldy And Beefy

BACON, Craig 16 ALB-16 MV40 Ossie’s Angels

BAGULEY, Helen 17 ALB-17 FV45 Unattached

BALDWIN, Andy 18 ALB-18 MV50 Unattached

BARNES, Michelle 19 ALB-19 FV35 Unattached

BARNETT, Susan 20 ALB-20 FV65 Eastern Veterans AC

BARTON, Caroline 21 ALB-21 FV35 Hitchin Running Club

BASSANI, Niccolo 22 ALB-22 MS North Herts Road Runners

BAVERSTOCK, Sophie 23 ALB-23 FV35 Unattached

BAXTER, Nikki 24 ALB-24 FV35 Unattached

BEER, Martyn 25 ALB-25 MV40 Hitchin Running Club

BEGUM, Afia 26 ALB-26 FV45 York Road Nursery

BEIGHTON, Philip 27 ALB-27 MS Hitchin Running Club

BELOULOU, Jean-marc 28 ALB-28 MV40 Grunty, Frenchy, Baldy

BENNETT, Louise 29 ALB-29 FV35 Unattached

BENTLEY, Hannah 30 ALB-30 FS Unattached

BERGER, Kathryn 31 ALB-31 FS Unattached

BEVAN, Spencer 32 ALB-32 MS North Herts Road Runners

BICKERDIKE, Mark 33 ALB-33 MV50 Unattached

BOSTON, Stu 34 ALB-34 MS Unattached

BOWEN, Abby 35 ALB-35 FS Unattached

BOWEN, Mark 36 ALB-36 MV60 Unattached

BOWYER, Henry 37 ALB-37 MS Unattached

BRIGHT, Katie 38 ALB-38 FS Unattached

BROOKS, Martin 39 ALB-39 MS Stevenage Striders

BROSNAN, Amanda 40 ALB-40 FV55 Ossie’s Angels

BROWN, David 41 ALB-41 MV40 Stopsley Striders

BRUNI, Mia 42 ALB-42 FV55 Unattached

BRUNTON, Phillip 43 ALB-43 MV50 Unattached

BUCK, Dominic 44 ALB-44 MV40 North Herts Road Runners

BUCKLAND, Julie 45 ALB-45 FV35 Unattached

BURKITT, Clare 46 ALB-46 FS Unattached

BURROWS, Mark 47 ALB-47 MS Unattached

CAIRNS, Greg 48 AEX-95 MV40 Stevenage & North Herts AC

CAIRNS, Helen 49 ALB-49 FV35 Stevenage & North Herts AC

CARAOLAN, Anthony 50 ALB-50 MV50 Stevenage & North Herts AC

CARTWRIGHT, Abigail 51 AEX-91 FS Unattached

CASEY, Russell 52 ALB-52 MS Garden City Runners

CATALANO, Stefano 53 ALB-53 MS Unattached

CATTIN, Annabelle 54 ALB-54 FS Unattached

CHAHAL, Harpreet 55 ALB-55 FS York Road Nursery

CHAPMAN, Gemma 56 ALB-56 FV35 Ossie’s Angels

CHAPMAN, Kate 57 ALB-57 FV35 Unattached

CHAPMAN, Stephen 58 ALB-58 MV40 Unattached

CHAPPELL, Jane 59 ALB-59 FV45 North Herts Road Runners

CHERNEWSKI, Louise Jo 60 ALB-60 FV35 York Road Nursery

CHERRY, Felix 61 ALB-61 MS Hitchin Running Club

CHILDS, Graham 62 ALB-62 MS Unattached

CLARKE, 63 ALB-63 MV40 Unattached

CLARKE, Jen 64 ALB-64 FV35 Unattached

CLARKE, Lee 65 ALB-65 FV35 Unattached

CODD, Glynis 66 ALB-66 FV55 Unattached

COLUCCI, Marie 67 ALB-67 FV35 Fairlands Valley Spartans

CONNORS, Rob 68 ALB-68 MS Unattached

COOK, Amber 69 ALB-69 FS Unattached

COOK, Caroline 70 ALB-70 FV35 Ossie’s Angels

COOK, Gary 71 ALB-71 MV40 Unattached

COOK, Lindsay 72 ALB-72 FV35 North Herts Road Runners

COOKE, Tim 73 ALB-73 MV50 Garden City Runners

COSTELLO, Maria 74 ALB-74 FV55 Ossie’s Angels

COTTERILL, Ruth 75 ALB-75 FV45 York Road Nursery

COX, Claire 76 ALB-76 FV45 Fairlands Valley Spartans

CRADDOCK, Lydia 77 ALB-77 FV35 Unattached

CROALL, Deb 78 ALB-78 FV35 Unattached

CROALL, Peter 79 ALB-79 MS Unattached

CROFT, Caroline 80 ALB-80 FV45 Unattached

DAVIES, Paul 81 ALB-81 MS Garden City Runners

DAVIS, Molly 82 ALB-82 FS Stevenage Striders

DAWSON, Valerie 83 ALB-83 FV45 Stopsley Striders

DE SOUZA, Jon 84 ALB-84 MV40 Unattached

DEFRIES, Joe 85 ALB-85 BU13 Unattached

DEFRIES, Martin 86 ALB-86 MV50 Unattached

DENNIS, Alana 87 ALB-87 FS Unattached

DEWAR, Michelle 88 ALB-88 FV35 Unattached

DODSWORTH, Karen 89 ALB-89 FV55 North Herts Road Runners

DOOLEY, Jamie 90 ALB-90 MS Unattached

DRAPER, Dean 91 ALB-91 MV40 Unattached

DRAPER, Jo 92 ALB-92 FV35 Unattached

DRAPER, Tracy 93 ALB-93 FS Unattached

DUCK, Chris 94 ALB-94 MS Unattached

DURRANT, Andrew 95 ALB-95 MV50 Stopsley Striders

EAYRS, Simon 96 ALB-96 MS Unattached

EDWARDS, Geraint 97 ALB-97 MV40 Grunty, Frenchy, Boldy

EDWARDS, Julie 98 ALB-98 FV35 Unattached

EDWARDS, Katie 99 ALB-99 FS Unattached

EDWARDS, Lisa 100 ALB-0 FV45 Unattached

ELLARY, Cheri-an 101 ALK-1 FV45 Unattached

EMMERSON, Chloe 102 ALK-2 FS Fairlands Valley Spartans

EMMERSON, Darren 103 ALK-3 MV40 Fairlands Valley Spartans

ENEVER, Sophie 104 AXP-62 FS Upbeat

ENGLISH, Stephanie 105 ALK-5 FV35 Ossie’s Angels

ESSON, Maria 106 ALK-6 FV45 Unattached

EVANS, Elizabeth 107 ALK-7 FV35 Unattached

EVANS, Liz 108 ALK-8 FV45 Stopsley Striders

EVANS, Rob 109 ALK-9 MV40 Fairlands Valley Spartans

FAKE, Anna 110 ALK-10 FV35 Hitchin Running Club

FISHER, Verity 111 ALK-11 FS Fairlands Valley Spartans

FOLBIGG, Zoe 112 ALK-12 FV35 Unattached

FOTHERGILL, Hannah 113 ALK-13 FS Stopsley Striders

FOWLER, Terry 114 ALK-14 MV50 Garden City Runners

FOX, Maxine 115 ALK-15 FV45 Unattached

FOX, Richard 116 ALK-16 MS North Herts Road Runners

FRAINER, Diane 117 ALK-17 FV35 York Road Nursery

FREEMAN, Daniel 118 ALK-18 MS Unattached

FRENCH, James 119 ALK-19 MS Stevenage Striders

FRENCH, Jessica 120 ALK-20 FS Unattached

FRY, Chris 121 ALK-21 MV40 Hitchin Running Club

GABBEY, Mark 122 ALK-22 MV40 Unattached

GABBEY, Nash 123 ALK-23 BU13 Oh Ladies Running Club

GABBEY, Sylvie 124 ALK-24 MV50 Oh Ladies Running Club

GALLAGHER, Debbie 125 ALK-25 FV45 Unattached

GARLICK, James 126 ALK-26 MS Hitchin Running Club

GARTSIDE, Louise 127 ALK-27 FV35 Unattached

GEMMELL, Victoria 128 ALK-28 FV35 Unattached

GENTRY-COOPER, Alison 129 ALK-29 FS Fairlands Valley Spartans

GIBBONS, 130 ALK-30 MS Unattached

GIBSON, Daniella 132 ALK-32 FS Stopsley Striders

GIBSON, Nicola 131 ALK-31 FV35 Unattached

GODDEN, 133 ALK-33 FV35 Unattached

GODFREY, Duncan 134 ALK-34 MS Team Trident

GODFREY, Suzie 135 ALZ-0 FV35 Ossie’s Angels

GOULDING, Bruce 136 ALK-36 MV40 Unattached

GOVEY, Helen 137 ALK-37 FV35 Unattached

GRAHAM, 138 AEX-98 FS Unattached

GRANT, May 139 ALK-39 FV45 York Road Nursery

GRAY, Hannah 140 ALK-40 FV35 Unattached

GREEN, Andrew 141 ALK-41 MV40 Unattached

GREEN, Andrew 142 ALK-42 MS Unattached

GREEN, Lewis 143 ALK-43 MS Unattached

HAGLAND, Marc 144 ALK-44 MS Unattached

HAGUE, Zoe 145 ALK-45 FS Hitchin Running Club

HALSEY, Craig 146 ALK-46 MS Fairlands Valley Spartans

HAMER, Sue 147 ALK-47 FV45 Fairlands Valley Spartans

HANSELL, Stuart 148 ALK-48 MS Hitchin Running Club

HANSON, Will 149 AEX-93 MS Unattached

HARBON, Joanne 150 AEX-94 FV45 North Herts Road Runners

HARBON, Katie 151 ALK-51 FS North Herts Road Runners

HARBON, Richard 152 ALK-52 MV50 North Herts Road Runners

HARRIS, John 153 ALK-53 MV50 Unattached

HARRIS, Paul 154 ALK-54 MV40 Unattached

HART, Kerry 155 ALK-55 MV40 Unattached

HART, Rachel 156 ALK-56 FV35 Unattached

HARVEY, Gayle 157 ALK-57 FV35 Unattached

HARVEY, Peter 158 ALK-58 MV40 Garden City Runners

HAZLEHURST, Alan 159 ALK-59 MV50 North Herts Road Runners

HICKS, Ruth 160 ALK-60 FV45 North Herts Road Runners

HILL, Graham 161 ALK-61 MV70 Ossie’s Angels

HODGSON, Claire 162 ALK-62 FS Lone Ranger

HOGG, Sally 163 AXP-51 FV45 York Road Nursery

HOLM, Ivan 164 ALK-64 MV40 Unattached

HOLM, Paula 165 ALZ-72 FV35 Unattached

HOLT, Katie 166 ALK-66 FS Unattached

HOPKIN, Mark 167 ALK-67 MS Unattached

HORNBLOWER, Dan 168 ALK-68 MV40 Unattached

HORNBY, Rob 169 AEX-97 MS Hitchin Running Club

HORNSEY, Iris 170 ALK-70 FV65 Fairlands Valley Spartans

HUDSON, Karl 171 ALK-71 MS Unattached

HUGHES, Carolyn 172 ALK-72 FV35 Unattached

HUME, Neil 173 ALK-73 MV40 Garden City Runners

HUNT, Natalie 174 ALP-99 FS Unattached

HUNTER, Christine 175 ALK-75 FV55 Stopsley Striders

HUTTON, Emma 176 ALK-76 FS Unattached

INGLEBY, Jane 177 ALK-77 FV45 York Road Nursery

ISLAM, Saharah 178 ALK-78 FV35 York Road Nursery

IVANOSKI-NICHOL, Kirsty 179 ALK-79 FV35 Unattached

JACKA-SLATER, Malaika 180 ALK-80 FS Unattached

JAMES, Mallory 181 ADJ-31 FS Unattached

JANKAUSKAITE, Audra 182 ADJ-10 FS Unattached

JAY, Andy 183 ALK-83 MV50 Fairlands Valley Spartans

JEIVE, Lesley 184 ALK-84 FV45 Unattached

JENKINS, Nick 185 ALK-85 MV40 Hitchin Running Club

JOHAL, Esha 186 ALK-86 GU13 Unattached

JOHAL, Jasmin 187 ALK-87 GU13 Unattached

JOHAL, Kamaldip 188 ALK-88 FV35 Unattached

JOHNSTON, Jo 189 ALK-89 FS Hitchin Running Club

JONES, Ben 190 ALK-90 MS Unattached

JONES, Charlotte 191 ALK-91 FV35 Garden City Runners

JONES, Chris 192 ALK-92 MV40 Garden City Runners

JONES, Clive 193 ALK-93 MV50 Unattached

JONES, Daniel 194 ALK-94 MS Unattached

JONES, Howard 195 ALK-95 MV50 Unattached

JONES, Michael 196 ALK-96 MS Unattached

JONES, Sarah 197 ALK-97 FV45 Hitchin Running Club

JOSEPH, Gina 198 ALK-98 FV45 Unattached

KARRMAN-BAILEY, Tomas 199 ALK-99 MS Unattached

KASPEROWICZ, Lisa 200 ALK-0 FV45 Ossie’s Angels

KAZER, David 201 ALL-1 MS Unattached

KEALEY, Joe 202 ALL-2 MS Hitchin Running Club

KEMP, Nicky 203 ALL-3 FV35 North Herts Road Runners

KENCH, James 204 ALL-4 MV40 Unattached

KENNEDY, Jude 205 ALL-5 FS Unattached

KENNEDY, Ruth 206 ALL-6 FV35 Unattached

KERSHAW, David 207 ALL-7 MS Freedom Tri

KHATTRAN, Harpal Kaur 208 ALL-8 FV35 Unattached

KHATTRAN, Sukhi 209 ALL-9 FV35 Unattached

KILBEY, Penny 210 ALL-10 FV45 Stopsley Striders

KING, Chrissie 211 ALL-11 FV55 Ossie’s Angels

KING, Natalie 212 ALL-12 FS Unattached

KIRBY, Dean 213 ALL-13 MV40 Unattached

KIRTIN, Tara 214 ALL-14 FV45 York Road Nursery

KNIGHT, Wendy 215 ALL-15 FV45 Unattached

LAING, Frances 216 ALL-16 GU17 Hitchin Running Club

LAING, Jo 217 ALL-17 FV45 Hitchin Running Club

LANCASTER, Shena 218 ALZ-92 FV55 Garden City Runners

LANDSBOROUGH, Alexandra 219 ALL-19 FS Unattached

LASZCZAK, Marta 220 ALL-20 FS Unattached

LASZCZAK, Michal 221 ALL-21 MS Unattached

LAWS, Victoria 222 ALL-22 FV35 Unattached

LAWSON, Matt 223 ALL-23 MS Hitchin Running Club

LAWS-RANDALL, Nikki 224 ALL-24 FV45 York Road Nursery

LAYZELL, Mark 225 ALL-25 MV40 Unattached

LENNON-CHRIMES, Sian 226 ALL-26 FV35 Unattached

LIVERMORE, Jay 227 ALL-27 FS Unattached

LIVERSIDGE, Lisa 228 ALZ-99 FV45 Stevenage Striders

LOVATT, CIARA 229 ALL-29 FS Unattached

LOVETT, Salli 230 ALL-30 FV55 Unattached

LUCAS, John 231 ALL-31 MV50 Unattached

MACHADO, Andreia 232 ALL-32 FS Unattached

MACKENZIE, Angela 233 ALL-33 MS Unattached

MACSWEENEY, Chris 234 ALL-34 MV40 Unattached

MADDERN, Jane 235 ALL-35 FV55 York Road Nursery

MAGUIRE, Kimberley 236 ALL-36 FV45 Unattached

MALPELI, Nick 237 ALL-37 MV50 North Herts Road Runners

MARIE, Bernadette 238 ALL-38 FV55 Garden City Runners

MARSH, Harriet 239 ALL-39 FS Unattached

MARTIN, John 240 ALL-40 MS Hitchin Running Club

MARYAN, Tracy 241 ALL-41 FV35 Unattached

MASON, Alex 242 ALL-42 FV35 Hitchin Running Club

MASON, Stu 243 ALL-43 MS Hitchin Running Club

MATUSSA, Darren 244 ALL-44 MV40 North Herts Road Runners

MCCARTHY, Geraldine 245 ALL-45 FV45 Unattached

MCCUSKER, Brian 246 ALL-46 MV50 Unattached

MCGOWAN, Helen 247 ALL-47 FV55 

MCLEAN, Loren 248 ALL-48 FS STUDIO 6

MEARS, Susan 249 ALL-49 FV45 Ossie’s Angels

MEDLOCK, Lee 250 ALL-50 MS Unattached

MEE, Sandra 251 ALL-51 FV55 Ossie’s Angels

MENDES, Jorge 252 ALL-52 MS Unattached

METCALFE, Gail 253 ALL-53 FV35 Unattached

MICOVA, Zuzana 254 ALL-54 FS Unattached

MIDDLEDITCH, Kellie 255 ALL-55 FV35 Unattached

MIDDLEDITCH, Terry 256 ALL-56 MV50 Unattached

MILES, Jessica 257 ALL-57 FS Unattached

MILLER, Rowan 258 ALL-58 BU13 Unattached

MILLER, Vanessa 259 ALL-59 FV35 Unattached

MILNER, Jason 260 ALL-60 FV35 Unattached

MOLONEY, Heather 261 ALL-61 FV45 Unattached

MOORHEAD, Ollie 262 ALL-62 MV40 Unattached

MORGAN, Ben 263 ALL-63 MS Unattached

MORRIS, Carrie 264 ALL-64 FV35 Unattached

MORRIS, Debbie 265 ALL-65 FV35 Garden City Runners

MORRISON, 266 ALL-66 FV35 Unattached

MOSS, David 267 ALL-67 MV40 Martin And Co Of Stevenage

MUCENIEKS, Sue 268 ALL-68 FV45 Unattached

MURRAY-ROCHARD, Ashley 269 ALL-69 FS Unattached

NATION, Carla 270 ALL-70 FV35 Hitchin Running Club

NEALE, Kate 271 ALL-71 FV45 Stopsley Striders

NELMS, John 272 ALL-72 MV40 Unattached

NEWIS, Matt 273 ALL-73 MV40 Grunty, Frenchy, Boldy

NEWTON, Louise 274 ALL-74 FS Ossie’s Angels

NIJJAR, Sharon 275 ALL-75 FS Unattached

NISBET, Debbie 276 ALL-76 FV35 Unattached

NORTON, Charlotte 277 ALL-77 FV35 Unattached

NUTTALL, Helen 278 ALL-78 FV35 North Herts Road Runners

NYE, Ruth 279 ALL-79 FS Unattached

O’CALLAGHAN, Sara 280 ALZ-97 FV45 Ossie’s Angels

O’REILLY, Shaun 281 ALL-81 MV40 Unattached

O’ROURKE, Philip 282 ALL-82 MS Unattached

OSBORNE, Anthony 283 ALL-83 MV70 Ossie’s Angels

OSMAN, Jo 284 ALL-84 FV35 Unattached

O’SULLIVAN, Claire 285 ALL-85 FV35 Unattached

OVERTON, Stewart 286 ALL-86 MS Unattached

PACKHAM, Louise 287 ALL-87 FV45 Unattached

PALMER, Karen 288 ALL-88 FV45 Fairlands Valley Spartans

PARKER, Shirley 289 ALL-89 FV55 York Road Nursery

PARMAR, Gurbir “Arnie” 290 ALL-90 MV50 Hitchin Running Club

PARNELL, Jane 291 ALL-91 FV45 Unattached

PASSEY, Ric 292 ALL-92 MS Hitchin Running Club

PATENALL, Janice 293 ALL-93 FV45 Unattached

PATENALL, Tom 294 ALL-94 MS Unattached

PATTERSON, Andrew 295 ALZ-96 MS Fairlands Valley Spartans

PEACOCK, Melissa 296 ALL-96 FV35 Hitchin Running Club

PEEL, Steven 297 ALL-97 MV40 Unattached

PENNY, Beth 298 ALL-98 FS Unattached

PENNY, Kim 299 ALL-99 FV45 Unattached

PETTENGELL, 300 ALL-0 MV60 Unattached

PHILPOTT, ASHLEY 301 ALZ-57 MS Stopsley Striders

PHILPOTT, Lucinda 302 ALM-2 FS Unattached

PINE, Mike 303 ALM-3 MV40 Unattached

PLATT, Rebecca 304 ALM-4 FV35 Ossie’s Angels

POTTS, Simon 305 ALM-5 MV50 Unattached

PROWLE, Bradley 306 ALM-6 MS Unattached

RAMPTON, Glenn 307 ALM-7 MS Unattached

RANKIN, Amanda 308 ALM-8 FV45 Stopsley Striders

RASHID, Riaz 309 ALM-9 MV40 Ossie’s Angels

READ, John 310 ALM-10 FV65 Unattached

REID, Caroline 311 ALM-11 FS Unattached

REID, Emily 312 ALM-12 FS Unattached

REYNOLDS, Pamela 313 ALM-13 FV55 Unattached

REYNOLDS, Simon 314 ALM-14 MS Unattached

RHODES, James A 315 ALM-15 MS Freedom Tri

RIX, Tom 316 ALM-16 MS Unattached

ROSE, Greg 317 ALM-17 MS Unattached

ROSEN, Emma 318 ALM-18 FS Unattached

ROYLES, Heather 319 ALM-19 FV45 Hitchin Running Club

SALE, Charlotte 320 ALM-20 FS Unattached

SANDERS, Daniel 321 ALM-21 MV40 Stevenage Striders

SARNO, Elizabeth 322 ALM-22 FV45 Hitchin Running Club

SAVILLE, Oliver 323 ALM-23 MS Unattached

SAWYER, Terry 324 ALM-24 MS Hitchin Running Club

SCHILLING, Mark 325 ALM-25 MV50 Hitchin Running Club

SELVESTER, Martin 326 ALM-26 MV40 Unattached

SELWOOD, Amy 327 ALM-27 FS Unattached

SHAH, Vishal 328 ALM-28 MS Fairlands Valley Spartans

SHARMAN, Ricky 329 ALM-29 MV40 Unattached

SHARP, Gareth 330 ALM-30 MV40 Freedom Tri

SHARP, Sam 331 ALM-31 FV35 Unattached

SHELDRICK, Carole 332 ALM-32 FV35 Unattached

SHERMAN, Ella 333 ALM-33 FV35 Unattached

SHERWOOD, James 334 ALM-34 MV40 Unattached

SHORT, Josh 335 ALM-35 MS Hitchin Running Club

SILL, Leah 336 ALM-36 FV35 Dacorum & Tring AC

SIMMONS, Julie 337 ALM-37 FV55 Fairlands Valley Spartans

SIMS, Dan 338 ALM-38 MV40 Unattached

SIMS, Matthew 339 ALM-39 MV40 Unattached

SINCLAIR, Jamie 340 ALM-40 MS Unattached

SMITH, Amy 346 ALM-46 FS Unattached

SMITH, David 341 ALM-41 MV60 Unattached

SMITH, David 342 ALM-42 MS Unattached

SMITH, Sarah 343 ALM-43 FV35 Unattached

SMITH, Sarah 344 ALM-44 FV35 Unattached

SMITH, Steve 345 ALM-45 MS Unattached

SOMERSET, Richard 347 ALM-47 MV40 Garden City Runners

SOMMERFELT, Gillian 348 ALM-48 FS Hitchin Running Club

STANBRIDGE, Claire 349 ALM-49 FS Unattached

STOKES, Jade 350 ALM-50 FS Unattached

STONEBRIDGE, Jo 351 ALM-51 FV35 Unattached

STOREY, Heather 352 ALM-52 FV35 Unattached

STOREY, Sean 353 ALM-53 MV40 Unattached

STOREY, Sean 354 ALM-54 MV40 Team Trident

STRICKLAND, Jane 355 ALZ-87 FV35 Ossie’s Angels

STROUD, Laura 356 ALM-56 FV45 Unattached

SUNTER, Darren 357 ALM-57 MS North Herts Road Runners

SUTCLIFFE, Ian 358 ALM-58 MV70 North Herts Road Runners

SUTTON, Daniel 359 ALM-59 MS Fairlands Valley Spartans

SWEETMAN, 360 ALM-60 MS Unattached

SZANTO, Diane 361 ALM-61 FV55 York Road Nursery

THAIN, 362 AEX-83 FV45 Unattached

TINSLEY, Judith 363 ALM-63 FV45 Unattached

TRACEY, Steve 364 ALM-64 MV40 North Herts Road Runners

TREVELYAN, Alison 365 ALM-65 FV35 Unattached

TREVELYAN, Greg 366 ALM-66 MV40 Unattached

TRUJILLO, Carolina 367 ALM-67 MS Hitchin Running Club

TUDOR, Jayne 368 ALM-68 FV35 Unattached

TURNER, Sarah 369 ALM-69 FV45 Hitchin Running Club

UDDIN, Lockman 370 ALM-70 MV40 York Road Nursery

VARY, Frankie 371 ALM-71 MS Unattached

VAUGHAN, Mark 372 ALM-72 MV40 North Herts Road Runners

VAUGHAN, Sue 373 ALM-73 FV45 North Herts Road Runners

VENNING, James 374 ALM-74 MV40 Unattached

WAINWRIGHT, Matthew 375 ALM-75 MS Unattached

WAKEMAN, Lisa 376 ALM-76 FV35 Unattached

WALSH, John 377 ALM-77 MV50 Fairlands Valley Spartans

WARD, Ben 378 ALM-78 MS Unattached

WARDLE, David 379 ALM-79 MV40 North Herts Road Runners

WARDLE, Ilze 380 ALM-80 FS Hitchin Running Club

WARRINGTON, Jessica 381 ALM-81 FS Hitchin Running Club

WATKIN, Sarah 382 ADJ-13 FV35 Unattached

WEATHERALL MORRIS, Sarah 383 ALM-83 FV35 Unattached

WEBBER, Natalie 384 ALM-84 FV35 Unattached

WELLS, Steve 385 ALM-85 MV50 Stevenage Striders

WEST, Martin 386 ALZ-95 MV40 Stopsley Striders

WHELAN, Bee 387 ALM-87 FV45 York Road Nursery

WHELAN, Deirdre 388 ALM-88 FV45 Unattached

WHITEHEAD, Alison 389 ALM-89 FV45 Unattached

WHITEMAN, Kieran 390 ALM-90 MS Unattached

WHITMORE, Kris 391 ALM-91 MV40 Unattached

WILCOCKSON, Pete 392 ALM-92 MS Unattached

WILDE, Stephanie 393 ALM-93 FV35 Unattached

WILLIAMS, Carl 394 ALM-94 MS Hitchin Running Club

WILLIAMS, Sarah 395 ALM-95 FV35 Unattached

WILLIS, Finbar 396 ALM-96 MV50 Stopsley Striders

WOOD, Ben 397 ALM-97 MS Unattached

WRIGHT, Tamzin 398 ALM-98 FV35 Unattached

WYMAN, James 399 ALM-99 MS Unattached

ZANI, Mary 400 ALM-0 FV

September 24th, Hitchin Town Centre Run

The event is nearly upon us!  Start tomorrow!

For those who are helping to set up early morning, I will be in the town from 5am! Now don’t panic you don’t need to join me at that time but I need to put cones down in Biggin Lane to stop people parking!

But feel free to join me to set up as early as you can get up and the body allows you too!

If you are just turning up for marshal duties, please turn up in the market square for 8am so that I can pass out the packs and maps to let you know your spot and to give any specialist instructions, such as Andrew Harper, you are at the Hermitage Road-Bancroft junction, and you have to warn the runners of the scaffold and to go in single file when on the bend! I will brief all runners of this.

If you are running, rest well and good luck!

Any questions before then please ask on here in the email, on the Facebook pages or in our whatsapp group!

If you are not marshalling or running, please come along and watch the event to support it!!!

August Bank Holiday, Alas No Social

There is no social this Friday due to circumstance but at the end of the month there is a charity McMillan Day being held at Studio 6 in Letchworth. This is in aid of Cancer Research and the hosts are by our club sponsors Studio 6.

I have attached some pictures of the place for you to see and get an idea of it.

They are hosting a charity day to raise money for Cancer Research and throughout the day will be doing various things such as 9am to 11am is a coffee morning with cakes, then in the evening they are hosting a film night. This will be at 7:30pm (film at 8pm). The film choice to be chosen from 3 films via a vote!)

We have some places reserved for anyone who would like to do this? It’s £5 per person but it’s purely for charity so it’s worth every penny.

You can bring your own food and drink. The studio has a kitchen (see pictures) and toilets and nice cosy surroundings as you can see from the pictures.

If you would like to come then let me know ASAP.

If there are enough of us coming from Hitchin then for those wishing to drink we can hire a minibus to get there and back to avoid driving 😉

Studio 6 party space

August, Chip Shop Challenge 

Wednesday 17th August see’s the return of the chip shop challenge. Held every third Wednesday in the month this is a timed 5km run through the streets of Hitchin finishing at a local chip shop for some well earned chips and curry sauce.  Just turn up as usual for the 7pm run on Wednesday.  We buy the chips!

August, Hitchin Triathlon 

Also this month see’s the launch of the Hitchin Triathlon promo video.  Watch it below

May,  Mid-Week League Starting

Wednesday 11th May sees the first race of the season with Bishop Stortford hosting. This is a nice countryside course that from memory is 6 miles.

Jake now has the race bib numbers from the league and will need to start assigning them to names.

If you know you will def race this season then let Jake know asap so that he can put names to numbers!

Also, for our race on Wednesday 25th May, If anyone is free that day to help Jake set up please let Jake know as the more help the better!

And if you can marshal then again, let Jake know!

April 2016

Beginners Run

A free twelve week running course starts in Hitchin this month to help encourage beginners to get on the move.

The programme of classes, supported by North Hertfordshire District Council (NHDC), along with England Athletics will be run by friendly instructors who are members of the Hitchin Running Club. The weekly classes are will take place every Tuesday until 28 July at 6.30 pm meeting at the play area of Walsworth Common in Hitchin.

Liz Green Head of Policy and Community Services at NHDC said: “We would like to encourage as many people as possible to try the classes in Hitchin. Running is such a popular past time and a great way to keep fit, improve endurance and build confidence. So if you want to make the most of the warmer weather do sign up”.

The course begins 12 May and runs for 12 weeks. For more information contact Jess Young on 01462 474 257 or email

Hitchin Town Centre Race Open

The Hitchin Town Centre race which was such a success last year with over 100 runners is now open.  We have increased the number this year to 300 and it will be a key event on the town’s agenda.  The race with be on Sunday 25th September.   You can enter via this link.

We were on Television

So we were on television this month.  Want to see?  Watch the video below.

February Chip Shop Challenge

This months chip shop 5km challenge! 

Take note for the run on the day! Or feel free to practice beforehand 😉 

Start at Watersmeet (road), opposite Kinder’s mill nursery. Then an anti-clockwise direction as you look at the map, heading under the train bridge along Grove Road, then at the roundabout by takeaway city, head up Nightingale road all the way and joining onto Cambridge Road under the train bridge, until you eventually get to Polcaro’s chip shop, where you begin the main lap, turning left to go into Woolgrove Road, where you’ll need to cross the road by the sailor boy pub, up under the train bridge and then cross at the cross roads turning left to where we started, and naturally finish off the route as you know it from the start. 

There are a couple of road crossing points, notably at the sailor boy pub and at the cross road just further up from there. As always safety before time! 

Feb Chip Shop Challenge Route

At the end as always, chips and curry sauce!!! 

January 2016 New Year News

First of all, a very happy new year to you all!

This Sunday don’t forget is the first Sunday of the month so that means a town centre meet at the usual spot, facing the fountain on the river by the church. Both the 9am and 10am runs as per usual.

Coming up in January for your calendars we have this Sunday as you know, then Wednesday 6th Jan will be a normal run night, NOT intervals, as we tend to have new people turn up in the new year so we don’t want to scare them too soon!

Sunday 17th Jan is the latest round of the Cross Country League. Venue and details of the race will follow when I receive them.

Wednesday 20th Jan is the latest in the Hare Chip shop 5km challenge! This month will finish outside Murphy’s Chippie on Queen Street in town! The route will most likely include Queen Street, Park Street, Hitchin Hill, St. John’s Road, Highbury Road, Walsworth Road. As always we meet at the Rugby Club.

5km Timed Run - Jan

14th November Upcoming Events


  • Wednesday 18th November. 7pm club run. 5km time trial.
  • Sunday 22nd November. Round 2 Cross Country league fixture. Depart rugby club 8:45am. Trent Park.
  • Wednesday 3rd December. 7pm club run. Hill intervals. Hollow Lane.
  • Sunday 6th December. Round 3 Cross Country league fixture. Willian (home race).
  • Wednesday 16th December. 7pm club run. 5km time trial.
  • Friday 18th December. Hitchin Run Club Christmas Social Drinks. The Vic Pub (wrap up well as we may be outside!). 7:30pm
  • Wednesday 23rd December. Final club run of the year.

27th September Hitchin Town Centre Race Report

Hitchin saw its first ever 5km town centre race over the weekend. The event was held in and around the historic streets and market square of the town in what was the first 5km run race, hosted by Hitchin Running Club. The event was a sell-out in less than 4 days from when tickets went on sale, going to 200 people, with the chance to run around the intimate setting of the route. The weather forecast was to be favourable, with morning mist adding to the atmosphere and mystique of what lie ahead.

Champagne moment
The race was started by Hitchin town centre manager Keith Hoskins OBE at 9am, with the runners setting off from the High Street. The runners took in many famous Hitchin sites, from the cobbled streets in the town centre and market Square, to the famous St. Mary’s church and river, to the iron people on Cooper’s yard and the beautiful houses that fill the perimeter of the course.

Keith Hoskins OBE

The race was won by local man David Wardle, of NRHH, in a time of 15 minutes 37 seconds. In second place was Andrew Patterson, of FVS, with 17:40. Third place was Paul Guy, of Garden City Runners, with 18:07. Stuart Hansell was the first Hitchin runner home in 4th place with 18:12.

Hitchin 5km Male Podium

Katie Harbon completed a NHRR 1st place double for their club as first lady across the line, and overall in 10th place with 19 minutes 31 seconds. 2nd lady home was Hitchin running clubs Aisling Koning, 14th overall and with a time of 20:33. Emily Reid was third lady home, in 17th overall, with a time of 20:39.

Hitchin 5km Female Podium

Full race results can be found at

Presenting the awards to the podium placed runners was the race starter, Keith Hoskins OBE.

The race was also ably supported through many generous people form clubs, family and friends, to help make the event happen, especially the scouts.

Hitchin District Scouts were called in to help marshal the Hitchin Town Centre Race. 13 of their young leaders, aged between 14 and 18, supported the event with some even coming straight from spending the night volunteering at a scout camp in Welwyn. The young leaders usually support the adult volunteers in one of their 12 Groups across Hitchin but they also meet up on some weekends to help with camps, events and even campsite maintenance, all while developing their own skills and working towards the Young Leader Belt award. Barry Rust, Hitchin Scouts YL Unit Leader, said “It’s great to see the young leaders come out early on a foggy Sunday morning to support the town race!”

Race Director and founder Jake Amos said “Today was incredible to see. Watching Hitchin and her friends come out to all take part in the event is humbling. On a personal level I just want to thank literally every single person that entered, marshalled, helped, supported, donated and contributed in all ways. There are just too many people to thanks who made it happen. It’s clichéd but it really is a massive group effort that made this possible and this is a tribute to them. Next year we will be back, and bigger too!”

For more information you can contact Hitchin Running Club at

September 11th – Hitchin Town Centre Run

I know some of you have already replied via email or Facebook but if not and you can help, we need as many people as possible that can help out, Family, friends etc

Sunday 27th September from 8:30am to 9:45am

food for all helpers!

September 11th – Winter Cross Country League

We have now officially joined the Cross Country League!

Yay, I hear you all shout!

These events all take place on Sunday mornings so if you think you will be keen to take part, please add the dates to your calendars now!

Dates are:

  • October 18th Cheshunt – hosted by Broxbourne Runners
  • November 22nd Trent Park – hosted by Trent Park Runners
  • December 5th Willan nr Letchworth – hosted by Fairlands Valley Spartans and Hitchin
  • January 17th Cassiobury Park – hosted by Watford Joggers
  • February 14th Therfield Heath – hosted by Royston Runners

All of these races are aprox 5-6 miles and are multi-terrain, so expect mud, puddles, off-road etc!

It follows a similar format to the Mid-week league system but it is less work than those summer races as there is no food at the end of the race but there are usually cafes and the like usually nearby.

You will see that we too are part of hosting one of the races. We are sharing our race with FVS (At this point may I add we chose the location and course! “pat on the back”!)

We still need to register details for each runner who will take part as we have bib numbers to keep for the series duration.

You will also see that there is just the one race per month too so it is nicely spread out.

For those who have taken part in the MWL series you know how much fun they are (?!) so please come along and join in the fun!

Time wise, they usually start around 10-10:30am, you turn up, run, go home! Simple!

As the events approach, each host club will send out details on locations etc so I will do the same and forward them on to you all.

And remember, these races are free! All paid for through your memberships!

August 24th – Duck n Dash and parkrunning

Tony Meenaghan took part in his first park run event at Luton wardown park on Saturday. Setting off on the course he was in a strong field of runners on the 5km course. He came first place with a time of 17:45, beating second place by 44 seconds to claim his maiden victory on the course.

At the Letchworth Duck & dash, Zoe Hague took par in the event, consisting of a 600m pool swim then a 6km run. Zoe was First Lady home, in a time of 10:18 for the swim and 27:53 for the run, and with transition, coming home in 38:11

Jenny Lucas also took part in her first ever multi sport event at the same race, taking part in the shorter version of the event, completing a 400m swim and 6km run, finishing as 4th lady in that race, with a time of 41:35.

Zoe used the event as a spring board towards her upcoming appearance at the world aquathlon championships in Chicago, USA, next month.

At the wimpole park run, Owain Grant finished in 72nd place with 24:21

August 6th – First NHRR 5km Of Month Victory & Spartan Relay 

John Martin, who has come 2nd and 3rd on many occasions, finally got his maiden victory, coming home in just over 19 minutes. Joe Kealey was next home, followed in by Chris Fry and Mark Schilling. Nicola Amos, making her racing comeback after 5 years out of action, completed the race after only 4 training runs back, in a time of 27 minutes too. Megan Alleyne completed the troupe. 

Tim Pine took part in the St. Neots 10km race, finishing in 56:10

Melissa Peacock took part in the Adidas 24 hour Thunder run. she completed several laps with her team in the endurance challenge and got a shiny medal for her troubles. 

Hitchin Running club also fronted a team for the FVS relays in Stevenage too. The team did well and finished in 23rd place overall. The team consisted of Darcy Shingler, Alasdair Weir, Steve Hague, Rob Hornby and Stuart Hansell. 

At the Wimpole park run, john Lucas was first hare home, coming in at 116th with 27 minutes, just 20 seconds off his PB from last week. Helena Goldsmith was 164th with 29:44, Howard Jones was 169th place, Fiona Lucas was 176th place with a new PB of 30:43. 222nd was Sarah Jones with 33:41. 269 runners in total took part. 

Latest News – July 30th – Zoe raising Funds for GB adventure.

Afternoon Hares 

First of all, don’t forget that this Saturday is the first of the month so get yourself over to Letchworth Common for a cheeky 5km! I will be there to cheer you on! 9am race start so turn up early!

Secondly, for you Sunday runners, it’s the first Sunday of the month too! So that means a town centre meet at the usual place!

Thirdly, huge well done for entering and supporting the town centre 5km race! it sold out in less than 4 days! 

Fourthly, a letter from one of our Hares who has recently qualified for the age group World Aquathlon Championships in Chicago for September! 

Hi Hares!

I have recently qualified for the World Aquathlon Championships in Chicago!

These are the age group championships and it is a stepping stone for me as I am looking to see how far I can push myself in becoming a professional athlete.

I have so far secured some funding for GB kit needed and coaching too from the swim club and from our run club, but I need to try to find more funding.

I am aiming to raise up to £1500 as this will cover flights and hotel plus travel and food expenses.

I know it is a big ask but if you know anyone who can help towards this, this would make it a step closer to getting there

Zoe Hague

Latest News – July 20th – Ironman PB and the rest.

This weekend has seen lots of Hares in action for Hitchin Running Club.

To begin with, Graham Hill made his way up north to Bolton to take part in the annual UK Ironman championships. Graham has competed at Ironman Wales the year before and was looking to get a better time than his maiden outing. Graham completed the 2.4 mile swim in 1 hour 30.He then raced through transition to saddle up so that he could begin the next leg of the triathlon, a gruelling 112 miles on the bike. He completed the bike section in 7 hours 8 minutes. After some time in T2, he then began the final leg of the race, the marathon run. All was going well for Graham until a recent back injury decided to flare up again, putting him inn a difficult position, but, as a true Ironman does, he soldiered on, with lots of encouragement from fellow Hare and partner, Jenny Lucas, who was Graham’s support for the whole weekend. Graham eventually finished the run in a painful 5 hours 10 minutes, and completing the race in a total of 14 hours 18 minutes, a new Ironman distance PB for him. Graham only has 6 weeks to recover and train before he has to tackle Ironman Wales.

At Olney, Ian Harvey and Jake Amos took part in the Olympic distance triathlon at Emberton Park. This was Ian’s first triathlon at this distance but was familiar with the course as he, Jake and others, competed the year before in the middle distance triathlon at the same venue.
Jake was first home in a new distance time of 2 hour 22 minutes, completing the 1500m swim in 27 minutes, the 40km bike in 1 hour 11 minutes and the 10km run in just under 41 minutes. Ian completed the swim in 35 minutes, the bike in 1 hour 24 minutes and run in 51 minutes, setting himself a time to beat of 2 hours 54 minutes next time.

At the Olympic Park 10km, Helena Goldsmith ran the course and finished in a time of 1 hour 3 minutes. She lost out on ducking under the hour mark due to answering the call to nature!

Rob Hornby completed his first 50km Ultra organised by Fairland Valley Spartans on a self guided course around Hertfordshire. Official time was 5hrs 23 and he came 10th.

Congratulations also goes out to Zoe Hague for being selected to compete at the World Age Group Aquathon Championships. This will take place in Chicago, U.S.A in September time, following her recent endeavours at championship races in the U.K.